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UHD picture quality and sleek, stylish design capturing audience eyes

Revitalize customer engagement in retail and transportation settings
Elevate content quality through a unique combination of picture-enhancing features
Facilitate secure, PC-free meetings through rigid three-layer protection
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 Bring Creative Content Ideas to Life

As more businesses turn to UHD displays for differentiation, Samsung’s QBN Series offer the ideal customer engagement forum. The displays’ UHD picture quality and sleek, stylish design capture audience eyes, while seamless and consistent presentation expands message sharing possibilities.

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 Share Intelligent, High-Quality Content

The QBN Series displays leverage Samsung’s Intelligent Picture Quality technology to elevate content delivery in any setting. This refined presentation transforms content from any source to UHD-level quality, and optimizes on-screen text and imagery with crisp edges and fine detail.

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  Streamline Operational Efficiency

The embedded MagicINFO Player S6, backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system, boosts the displays overall performance, allows for painless content management and ensures seamless content transition and playback.

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 Empower Secure and Remote Collaboration

Samsung’s KNOX platform provides rigid three-layer protection while also securing and controlling USB and user network exchange through dedicated signage device management. With added security, businesses can facilitate remote, PC-free meetings without risk or complexity.

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 Maintain Continuous Display Performance

Beyond security and content management, QBN Series users can trust the displays’ remote management for fast, efficient issue mitigation. Users can monitor and diagnose irregularities – both on their own and with help from Samsung’s Network Operations Center – from any location.

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Enjoy Convenient Display Management

The QBN Series’ integrated centralized infrared receiver (IR) ensures easier and more flexible user control. Each display receives signals on individual panels via Central IR, and users can navigate the IR functionality from various locations to further augment uninterrupted performance.

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Shield Content from Outside Interference

he QBN Series’ durable, IP5x-validated design ensures continuous content delivery regardless of environmental conditions. As a result, transportation hubs and other arenas susceptible to dust, dirt and lighting exposure can activate and run the displays without an external enclosure.

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